By ICONists, for ICONists.


Here are our contributions to the ICON ecosystem.


ICONation will provide the following services related to network management, development, community participation, and education.


  • Block Production - ICON Network Management
  • ICONation will actively modify hardware configurations to meet and exceed network requirements to ensure consistent block production
  • Initial hardware details include :
    • Server type: c5.9xlarge
    • CPU Model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124 CPU @ 3.00GHZ
    • vCPU(core): 36
    • RAM: 72G
    • Disk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps)
  • Participate in various ICON source code audits


  • Growing & Nurturing the ICON Network
  • ICON SDK C++
  • ICONation Voting SCORE dApp : this voting dApp will be used to collect and quantify the opinions of ICONists on network governance proposals.
  • ICONation will stand up a Loopchain lab to educate and support developers with efforts around peer nodes, RPC communication, trackers, etc, in order to strengthen community & developer knowledge around the ICON ecosystem


  • Governance Decisions & Voting
  • ICONation proposes to:
    • Request and quantify the ICON community's opinion on upcoming network governance decisions via the ICONation voting SCORE dApp
    • Stake virtual steps into the voting dApp in order to provide free transactions for ICONists that use the dApp to vote
    • Encourage community involvement and participation via multiple community channels
    • Provide transparency via auditable results on the ICON blockchain


  • Network Security and Protection
  • ICONation proposes to:
    • Uphold and adhere to standards that prevent abuse, attacks, fraud or collusion
    • Utilize the ICONation team's collective experience as ICON community managers to reduce and remove threats through community education via existing platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, Kakao, and Twitter
    • Contribute to developer awareness on how to strengthen the ICON ecosystem via the Loopchain lab

Our team



Spl3en has been actively assisting and supporting the ICON developer community on icondev.io, ICONDev Telegram, and other various ICON related developer channels as an administrator dating back to 2017. He has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the ICON blockchain by contributing directly to the official ICON project source code. He has developed multiple tools for ICONists and is in the process of creating more. His main motivation is to bring more developers to the ICON ecosystem by providing useful tools, dApps and APIs through ICONation.



Radio is a Senior Systems Analyst/Scrum Master for one of the largest IT providers in North America. Radio has been an active member of the ICON community since 2017 and currently serves as a community manager on various ICON Reddit, Telegram and Discord channels. In addition to being an ICONist and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Radio’s interests include a wide variety of sports, music, and literature from around the world. He is also a passionate advocate for global human and animal rights.



Dimitris is an ambitious software engineer, with over 4 years of professional experience in web application development & system administration. Some of his most notable achievements include the digital transformation of various volunteering organisations and having worked at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) for 14 months as a software developer. During the last 1.5 years, he has also ventured into the field of blockchain and smart contract development. He has already made a Telegram bot prototype that alerts you on ICX balance changes and is now developing a PHP SDK for ICON.


James / NorskKiwi

NorskKiwi will also be a familiar face for anyone visiting ICON community channels. Originally from New Zealand, this current day Norwegian resident brings a diverse skill set to the ICONation team, crafted in part from 15 years managerial experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. James has been a member and a volunteer moderator of multiple ICON community channels since 2017, and also assists the ICON foundation in producing resources for the community. He wishes to see the ICON community lead the way forward towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly through increased democracy (especially via DID and blockchain voting), climate action, and poverty reduction.



CCClub_17 is an investor, entrepreneur and has 15 years experience in the Legal Sector in Australia. CCClub_17 has been an active ICON community member and has served as an admin on several ICON community channels since 2017. Club’s passion is to see the expansion of the ICON ecosystem by building engaging dApps, inspiring ICONists through online marketing/promotional events, and delivering quality/transparent communications with fellow ICONists.

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